All together now

Introducing G Suite from Google Cloud. A set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are.

Google offers a huge set of tools for nonprofits absolutely free, including GSuite (Google Apps), Gmail, $10,000 in advertising on Google AdWords, and more!

Why GSuite (Google Apps) Rocks for Nonprofits

GSuite is a killer set of tools for nonprofits that can replace Microsoft Word of iWork, including Google Docs (replaces Word), Google Sheets (replaces Excel), Google Presentations (replaces PowerPoint), Gmail (replaces Outlook), Google Drive (online file storage and sharing) and more.

All of these tools are built to be completely cloud-based, and you can access and edit documents, email, and files from anywhere. I routinely use Google Sheets on my phone or tablet to edit data, and Google Drive to store all of my documents.

The amount of tools getting your nonprofit onto Google’s platform gets you is too big to pass up. If you haven’t checked out Google for Nonprofits, definitely do it!

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