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Why Content Samurai Rocks for Nonprofits

Video marketing is critical for engaging people online (we wrote a whole article about it on Bright Nonprofit called “Video Marketing for Nonprofits“), but can be daunting if you aren’t experienced with creating and editing videos.

This is my top recommendations for beginners to approach video creation for most applications. Content Samurai is a web-based app that uses advanced speech and text algorithms to take your text content and convert it quickly into a high-quality video for use online. The video on their website can tell you the details, but it’s an incredibly intuitive step-by-step process that lets you quickly churn out high-quality videos on the fly.

  • Web based, can use anywhere on any type of computer
  • Super easy learning curve, intro video breaks down the steps
  • Built with impressive speech / text recognition algorithms to help automate the process
  • Adding images, text, speech and music is an easy, guided process

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